Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bread and Me

I have found a new love...Yeast Bread (and I don't mean eating it, tho that's a definite plus!)

I am fascinated and intrigued by the rising of the dough.  How you can make 3cups of flour turn into such an amazing thing is beyond me.  I love the entire process...from adding those first ingredients together, to wearing yourself out kneading the dough. After all of the anticipation and hardwork you are rewarded with a gloriously golden jumble of yumminess.

When first trying my hand at yeast breads, I stuck with the good ol' box version of semi do-it-yourself hot rolls.  They turned out ok, though they definitely could have been fluffier.  My next attempt was at a snagged recipe of melt in your mouth rolls from O'Charley's...not my greatest victory.

Finally, after much debate and a slightly deflated ego, I found the recipe I had been looking for.  Thank you Betty Crocker for your wonderful recipe, Gold Medal Classic French Bread. I am truly a fan.