Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My prized Toaster Oven!

I am sooooo excited! Today I scored a deal I have been searching for for weeks.  You see, I live in a super tiny two bedroom apartment :)  I love my little place, but it desperately needs some updates, lol.  That's an understatement if you have have seen pictures I previously posted, but we'll let it slide.  Back to the point!

My kitchen is very functional and has a large stove/oven for such a small place.  In the winter we loved to crack our oven door and let the heat warm us up. We could almost heat our entire apartment off of our stove alone!  The problem? Summer is coming!  Just the other day I was cooking a stove top meal and it got to nearly 90 degrees in my apartment (I might be exaggerating a little, lol).

The solution? One of these babies:  A convection oven!  It needed to be large enough that I could cook in it regularly and small enough to fit comfortably in my kitchen.

While perusing craigslist, I happened across an ad where the folks had a brand-new-in-box, never-been-opened toaster oven that met my exact specifications.  They were only asking $60 for this baby but I was able to snag it for only $50!  What a fantastic day :)

If you are worried about cooling costs this summer, but love to cook, you should try one of these babies out.  It's super energy efficient and doesn't heat up an entire room.
I just plugged it in and made some mini pizzas. I have yet to actually make room for it yet.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clean is as Clean Does

So today I have the joy of a mostly clean house. I say mostly because, inevitably, there is always more to be done.  Even as I speak, my husband is grumbling about our two angel puppies who have torn up some napkins on the kitchen floor.  I also have a list of things I would like to get accomplished within the next week:

1) Clean out my desk and get the things inside of it organized.
2) Go grocery shopping!  We are currently food poor and haven't taken the time to refill. Slim pickins in the Penrose household.
3) Get a different desk for my office. I took on a second job and I now have TWO desktop computers; complete with monitor, that I need access to all the time. My tiny antique desk is not cutting it.
4) Complete my to-do list :)

Here are some things that I would like to share with you that I love in my home (mess and all!) More pictures to come eventually.

My chair.  The chair.  Complete with my tiny laptop and reading lamp.

My eat in kitchen. I LOVE having my table in my kitchen.  There's just something about a cup of coffee in my chair that makes me so happy.  If you are wondering, that napkin that's on the floor? It's now shredded.  And the food bowl in the chair? Courtesy of my husband. He has a strange idea of item placement.

Finally, tucked into the left side of the screen is my 4 (almost 5) year old Labradoodle Grady, sunbathing. <3
Oh! And the dishes are clean :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

As you can imagine, life has been tremendously busy in the last few years.  So much so that I haven't taken the time to focus on things that really matter.  Like my health, my family, this blog (hardy har har), and most importantly, my faith.

Unfortunately, tho I believed that God was leading me to open a restaurant, I missed a step and it fell thru.  I loved the idea and hope that He gives me another opportunity some day, but until then I just rest in knowing that He has a plan.

I've attached some photos of updates from this past year or so to bring you up to speed.  To find out more about my walk with God, catch a ride over to my Devotional blog here.
The hubs and our Labradoodle Grady right after getting groomed

Hubs and I at Grandma's 100th bday
Silly Sad faces

Great Grandma Lee and Daddy
100 YEARS!

Family photo with most of us kids and some grandbabies too

Twin nephews, so presh

Ernie, one of our twin schnoodles (we JUST got these angels! born March 4th)

We bought the biggest couch in the world (at least that they had at NFM)

BOSTON BABY!  On the ferry
Awesome restaurant from Boston