Thursday, April 18, 2013

As you can imagine, life has been tremendously busy in the last few years.  So much so that I haven't taken the time to focus on things that really matter.  Like my health, my family, this blog (hardy har har), and most importantly, my faith.

Unfortunately, tho I believed that God was leading me to open a restaurant, I missed a step and it fell thru.  I loved the idea and hope that He gives me another opportunity some day, but until then I just rest in knowing that He has a plan.

I've attached some photos of updates from this past year or so to bring you up to speed.  To find out more about my walk with God, catch a ride over to my Devotional blog here.
The hubs and our Labradoodle Grady right after getting groomed

Hubs and I at Grandma's 100th bday
Silly Sad faces

Great Grandma Lee and Daddy
100 YEARS!

Family photo with most of us kids and some grandbabies too

Twin nephews, so presh

Ernie, one of our twin schnoodles (we JUST got these angels! born March 4th)

We bought the biggest couch in the world (at least that they had at NFM)

BOSTON BABY!  On the ferry
Awesome restaurant from Boston