Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My prized Toaster Oven!

I am sooooo excited! Today I scored a deal I have been searching for for weeks.  You see, I live in a super tiny two bedroom apartment :)  I love my little place, but it desperately needs some updates, lol.  That's an understatement if you have have seen pictures I previously posted, but we'll let it slide.  Back to the point!

My kitchen is very functional and has a large stove/oven for such a small place.  In the winter we loved to crack our oven door and let the heat warm us up. We could almost heat our entire apartment off of our stove alone!  The problem? Summer is coming!  Just the other day I was cooking a stove top meal and it got to nearly 90 degrees in my apartment (I might be exaggerating a little, lol).

The solution? One of these babies:  A convection oven!  It needed to be large enough that I could cook in it regularly and small enough to fit comfortably in my kitchen.

While perusing craigslist, I happened across an ad where the folks had a brand-new-in-box, never-been-opened toaster oven that met my exact specifications.  They were only asking $60 for this baby but I was able to snag it for only $50!  What a fantastic day :)

If you are worried about cooling costs this summer, but love to cook, you should try one of these babies out.  It's super energy efficient and doesn't heat up an entire room.
I just plugged it in and made some mini pizzas. I have yet to actually make room for it yet.