Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting our Work Out on

We've gone and done it!  We made a one year commitment to get healthier and go to the gym.  We are blessed to have a great facility close to us that has staff trained by our local hospital.  Jamie and I took a tour today and decided that enough was enough:  It's time to get our lives in order.

We have been really striving for change this year.  I have personally started a much needed walk thru the bible with my daily devotionals.  We have also changed around the way we handle our finances with new budgeting techniques involving multiple checking accounts.  On top of that, we have started changing our eating habits and are now going to be working out and seeing a personal trainer regularly.

With so much changing at once, I fear that we might lose interest in one of our other endeavors.  We really want to be successful in all of these things:  I am a visual person, so it really helps me to SEE what I'm working toward.  What have you done to help keep your goals in tact?